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IT Consulting for the Federal Government Since 2011

LTG Federal is an 8(a) Certified Woman Owned Small Business providing IT consulting services to the federal government since 2011. Headquartered in Tysons Corner, VA, LTG provides expertise in the core areas of Cloud, Data Science, Network Engineering and Performance Engineering & Testing. LTG brings industry leading consultants in their areas of expertise to help customers realize the most value out of their enterprise environments.

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It is widely understood that the information systems industry continuously evolves.  This dynamic has always been a difficult challenge for commercial and government IT managers.  Often it seems, IT solutions are instantly out of date with the latest available technology and features before their implementation is complete.  While this reality long been understood, with the advent of virtualization and cloud computing, big data, machine learning and the internet of things, it’s daunting to understand how your organization can take advantage of these incredible technologies before the industry has moved onto the next big thingAgainst this challenging backdrop of technological hyper-progress, IT managers must implement solutions that will maximize return on investment and demonstrate an effective stewardship of organizational capital investments.  After all, the solutions should enhance the business, not burden it.

The most important lesson we’ve learned through our collective years of experience is that IT solutioning begins with fundamentally understanding the customer’s business.  That is the only way an IT solutions provider can propose solutions that serve the customer’s best interests.  Once we understand what you do, we study how you do it.  We want to know what barriers keep you from success and what realities you face such as department or agency regulations, budgets and IT operations support contracts.  By understanding the larger picture, we can begin the search for solutions that fit.   Our mission is to provide IT managers with the right solutions, making IT work for you.

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