FEDERAL Civilian CustomerS

LTG has supported various Department of Homeland Security (DHS) components and programs and continues to expand its support to other civilian and defense agencies.

Civilian agency active support contracts:

United States Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)

As part of the ICE Operations and Solutions Delivery Support Services (OSDSS) contract, our team supports Perspecta in providing Tier 3 network, security and cloud infrastructure engineering leadership.


Our team provides Tier 3 network and security engineering leadership for the ICE enterprise and interfaces with the DHS OneNet steward to coordinate Wide Area Network changes. We provide design support for extranet connectivity solutions for inter-agency connectivity and remote site reach back access. LTG conducts application profiling and performance baselining activities to ensure peak application performance across the network.

Our team has helped lead the design and buildout of the ICE GovCloud infrastructure. Our cloud engineers and architects continue to help evolve the ICE cloud architecture ensuring a highly available, redundant, scalable and cost effective cloud solution.


As part of the USPTO Initiative to Stabilize High-Priority IT Systems support contract, LTG supports SAIC in conducting assessments of critical applications, developing stabilization plans and supporting the implementation of approved stabilization plans.

UNITED STATES Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

As part of the CBP Traveler Processing and Vetting Software Application Modernization, Development, Enhancements, Operations & Maintenance, and Specialized Services support contract, LTG supports the Leidos application development lifecyles. The Leidos team is tasked with helping TPVS align with CBP OIT’s modernization initiatives including migrating to the Cloud by 2024.

Past Performance archives:

National Institute of Health (NIH)

LTG provided security and performance engineering consulting services to the NIH Clinical Data Center.


Our team conducted an evaluation of Clinical Data Center infrastructure and tools to develop a feasibility study of alternative firewall upgrade options and network performance management options. Our team developed a detailed recommendation including technology and design alternatives, technology vendor pricing analysis and detailed configurations.

United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (uscis)

As part of the USCIS enterprise IT support services contract, the LTG team supported SAIC in providing data center migration engineering support. 


Our team provided IT systems engineering support to the mission critical systems across all three USCIS data centers. We helped support the data center migration team working with operations, test, security and application monitoring teams to develop migration designs and plans. LTG has helped develop a cost model that provided a centralized systems infrastructure management interface for managing IT assets and support services across the primary hosting facilities.

Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM)

As part of the OBIM Program Level Systems Engineering (PLSE) support contract, our team supported provided Service Quality Engineering leadership for one of the largest U.S. biometric databases from 2013 through 2020.


Our team provides Service Quality Engineering leadership for one of the largest U.S biometric databases, IDENT. We provide systems and security engineering support to the Information Technology Division of OBIM in the form of data analytics, business intelligence, capacity management, modeling and simulation, firewall configuration reviews and coordinating extranet connectivity moves during data center migrations.

Our engineers evaluate, design and configure new enterprise solutions and provide project management support during the test and deployment phases. We were instrumental in helping OBIM move to a fully virtualized environment and continue to be instrumental in migrating OBIM to the cloud.


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