Making IT work for you.

Providing technical and project management expertise to deliver industry leading technical solutions to our customers.


Our Services

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Helping customers choose the right migration path and the right mix of cloud services. Providing cloud architecture, migration and optimization consulting services.

Performance Engineering & Testing

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We help organizations implement the right level of visibility and control to improve security, increase availability and maximize performance. Our Modeling and Simulation (M&S) team help to reduce costs, increase the quality of products and systems, and document and archive lessons learned.

Network Engineering

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Our certified engineers ensure the integrity of high availability network infrastructure to provide maximum performance for your users.

Data Science

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Helping customers get more value out of their data. From data analytics to machine learning, we provide the expertise to help develop your data pipelines, visualize your data and ultimately make more informed business decisions.

Application Development

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Our team connects conventional essential technologies and architecture with the unique logic of the app. Combined with a polished design and UI/UX an app becomes the one that reaches goals of our customers and wins the hearts of users.


Geospatial Information Systems (GIS)

Our Data Science team work with  geographic information stored in layers and integrated with geographic software programs so that spatial information can be created, stored, manipulated, analyzed, and visualized (mapped). 

Modeling and Simulation (M&S)

Performance Engineering & Testing Team

Our consultants help customers get a better understanding of their applications and underlying infrastructure by leveraging Discrete Event Simulation (DES) tools like Extendsim and CA Hyperformix. Our consultants build system and component level models of applications to not only provide a visual representation of the system architecture and logical data flows but to also test the system under load to project end-to-end performance, isolating potential bottlenecks.

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Technology Partners.

LTG has partnered with industry leading technology companies..

Leading Industry Technologies.

Our engineers and consultants provide expertise across a wide range of industry technologies.


What People Are Saying

I just wanted to let you know that the Engineering services and support has been invaluable to our team. LTG provides Top Notch support and there has been no task that you’ve been given that has not been completed with the utmost superiority. In addition to providing phenomenal support you have continuously been instrumental in recommending and bringing innovative solutions to fruition. The support that LTG provides is highly specialized and cannot be performed by the average resources. There are no limitations with the support that LTG continues to provide. The words “can’t do” have never been used by your team.  You continue to exceed my expectations and that’s hard to do.

Renee Harris

CWSC Program Manager

LTG has been a quality partner company to Knight Point Systems, LLC since 2016; supporting our customer for IT Services. Of the many notable accomplishments and achievements over the past 3 years are the many recognitions that the LTG Staff have received by the Customer and Program Team Leads. One accomplishment of recognition was the Network Design, Configuration, and continued maintenance and enhancements supporting the physical datacenter migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud and Amazon AWS GovCloud West and East Environments.  We are appreciative of the quality staff that LTG has provided throughout the contract, and continued partnership going forward.

Anita Hinnerichs

KPS Program Manager